The Holy prophet (P.B.U.H):
“I leave among you two weighty things: The book of Allah and my progeny Ahl-al Bayt. As long as you hold fast to these two and follow them never, never will you go astray.”

Welcome to Al Murtaza.co.uk Al Murtaza is a charity registered in the UK. Our charity register number is 1158535. Al Murtaza is a branch of the Islamic Humanitarian services who publish the Al-Haqq newsletter. We are now branching out into brand new web.

Al Murtaza has stocks of Islamic books mostly affiliated to the Jaferi Shia – these books are from all over the world, includes publications from as far west as LA and Canada (al-mubin being one -who facilitate the e-publication of Islamic literature) to Iran, India and Pakistan. We intend to establish links with other organizations to include live broadcasts from Shia Ithna-asheri centers.

Contact us for any Islamic title and we will endeavor to have it delivered to your doorstep.

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